The Islands

The Hawaiian Islands offer many different experiences for all who visit. Hawaii is a tropical beach paradise with many of the world’s top rated beaches, resorts, and golf courses. In addition, Hawaii has an amazingly diverse ecology which includes remote canyons, coral reefs, desert-like terrain, lush valleys, snow-capped mountains, rain-forests, active and dormant volcanoes and countless waterfalls.

Each island is unique and the types of attractions and activities vary from island to island. The people of Hawaii are a mixed multi-ethnic society who celebrate many of their individual cultural traditions along with the Hawaiian language, music, food, art, culture, and the aloha spirit. What does aloha mean?  It is the affectionate greeting or farewell which is an expression of affection itself. It is also the power that lives in each of us which we bring forth in the positive actions in all we do.  As the saying goes – Aloha, lucky we live in Hawaii!

“- the loveliest fleet of islands
that lies anchored in any ocean.”

Mark Twain

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